Wound dehiscence. Is it infected? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck last year and 25 days ago had a belt lipectomy. A week ago my inscison opened. My jp drainage changed from pink to yellow and there's some chunky stuff in there. Drainage has increased significantly. My surgeon packed it with a silver ribbon and told me to change the bandage every 2-3 days. Well it soaks through the bandage and my clothes before one day. I'm also leaking from another spot on my inscison. Waiting on wound vac to come in.

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Proper Wound Care in Melbourne, Florida

It would be difficult to determine without an in-person examination and culturing of the output whether the wound is infected. Definitely see your board-certified plastic surgeon for proper wound care. Fortunately, this type of situation with proper wound care does tend to resolve. I hope this information is helpful to you. Best of luck!

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Wound infection

The drainage needs to be cultured. Antibiotics based on the microscopic smear and cultures.
Wound care, possible wound vac. change dressings frequently as the dressing get soiled. See your plastic surgeon twice a week till completely stable. Sonogram to determine any loculation of fluid that is not drained.

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