Two thermirase procedures and no results?

Hello, I recieved thermirase twice and it didn't work. The first time was a very long recovery and Seemed to have worked great but two months later the 11's were back. It seems another muscle came into help. The second time around it didn't seem to work. The next day I was able to make my frown easily. What is the problem here? If a procedure doesn't produce any results am I entitled to any reimbursement? I have. A great doctor, not sure what happened. Any insight would be great.

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What to do if a procedure did not give me the results I expected?

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Hi Mia,

Thanks for your question. Thermirase is a new procedure. It should help in areas where the muscle is strong and require no botox for about a year. The treatment success is based solely on the temperature needed to damage the nerve that cause the muscle to move. If a certain temperature is not reached then no result.....You have learned an important lesson in that it takes sometimes for than just one muscle to move a body region and thus treatement may require multiple muscles for a successful outcome. 

I think that the reimbursement is up to you and your physician. I sometimes think of it as a meal that you buy at a restaurant. If you don't like it do you have to pay for it? I typically pay for all my meals even if I dont like them...... Again just discuss with your plastic surgeon. Good Luck!

All the best,

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