What surgery to create a better profile/chin/jawline? (photos)

I recently had my first consultation and the doctor said I would need a small chin implant & lipo but I don't know if those are the total results I'm looking for. Please let me know if there's anything else to help me reach my goal of a super defined jawline/ fixing my reduced chin. Also I noticed my lips are extremely small in my profile, can you recommend something to help that as well? Maybe fillers? I'm a 19 yo female by the way.

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You have to be cautious about a chin implant when you have the slight 'dips' beside the chin since the dips accentuate in that case. If you prefer definition, you may benefit from tapered augmentation along the whole jawline to the 'angle' and possible liposculpture to add more 'crispness'. Lip augmentation with fillers is possible if that is a goal

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