Successful removal of Artefill/Bellafill?

1) Is there anyone who is specialized in removing Artefill/Bellafill in Southern California? If so, can it be successfully removed from the nose? 2) What is the procedure like? 3) When is the best time to have it removed? 4) What would be the anticipated results? 5) What are the long term repercussions if all of the material isn't removed? 6) How many surgeries may be required?
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Removing Artefill / Bellafill from the nose

Its tough to answer your question completely without photos of the problem you are trying to correct. If you could post or send me these, I could give you a more precise answer. In general, if you could avoid surgical removal of artefill / bellafill, that would be optimal. Cutting the material out tends to be complicated and tends to leave scars. If your issue is bumps or contour irregularity of your nose, I would suggest steroid injection and / or injection of filler around the contour issue to try to camouflage it. I have managed this kind of issue before and the result has been excellent. Hope that helps and feel free to reach out with further questions.

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Removing Artefill from the face

I would focus on reducing inflammation in the first stage. Judging by the Grade of tissue reaction remaining, a plan for surgical removal would be in your future. 


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