Scar Recision Recovery expectations with Embrace, will I be bed-bound or recover quickly? (photos)

My PS offered to do a scar revision for extended breast lift - then use Embrace. Wondering if I will be in bed and drugged up for a while (like initial surgery), or is this an easy procedure where I won't have a lot of downtown since its just skin? Back to work at desk job right away? Think it's worth it looking at my scars? Surgery 18 months ago....don't want my kids to know (10 yr olds) - possible - or will I bed-bound?

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Scar Revision & Embrace Active Scar Defense

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A scar revision is a simple, in-office procedure and does not require a patient to be on bedrest afterward. A scar revision requires minimal downtime for patients. Using Embrace Active Scar Defense after a scar revision helps you to achieve the best aesthetic result for your scar. Embrace works by reducing scar tension, one of the most important factors in scar development. Embrace protects your scar from everyday movement and also has the benefits of silicone sheet, providing hydration to help soften the scar. Consult your board-certified plastic surgeon regarding his or her recommended postoperative protocol for you. Good luck!

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What to expect in recovery?

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Thank you so much for this question. Scar revision is usually easier than the original surgery so it is unlikely that you will feel bed-bound. Of course, your plastic surgeon is the best resource as to what exactly to expect. Embrace is a great product and the only one that will change the way your DNA is expressed. I would recommend  the silicone sheets be placed by the professional staff for best results! I wish you the best of luck and I believe you will achieve a much better result. 

Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Scar revision

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You will have some soreness, and you will have to take care not to put stress on your incisions, but downtime should be minimal.  I do not think you will be bedbound.  The Embrace System works great.  I think you will be pleased that you used them.  Discuss the details of your recovery with your plastic surgeon for the most accurate information as he/she knows what is planned for the revision.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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