What is the scab that has formed above my gynecomastia incision? (Photo)

It has been exactly two weeks since I had "Bilateral Surgical Excision Reduction of Gynecomastia" done. In that time i noticed a redness/bruise looking mark at the top of my left areola (about 1 inch away from the actual incision). In the last few days, it has darkened and now looks like a scab. That particular area is numb to the touch. I'm definitely going to contact my doctor first thing monday but, if anyone could offer any advice, it would definitely help.

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What is the 'Scab' that Arose From My Gynecomastia

Well, I wish that I had an answer for you in the changing results that it sounds like you are having after your gynecomastia surgery. It is difficult to see in your images, but the best advice I can give is to see your surgeon with your concerns in order to make sure that there is no infection or problem with the incision and that all healing proceeds healthily. Good luck.

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Thank you for the question and the photos but an examination is really needed to give an accurate opinion.  So see your surgeon or other expert in the area.

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What is the scab that has formed above my Gynecomastia incision?

Thank you for your question.

This scab is probably just from the process of disection and excision of the gland. From the looks of it, it should resolve without problem. You Plastic Surgeon can evaluated better when you see him. 

All The Best !

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