Saline or Silicone? Which breast implants I should choose and why?

Please let me know the differences? will it affect me in the future choose oe or aoter? What are the differeces and how it will affect my anatomy?

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Saline or silicone

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Ah, the age old question.  You can choose either and get nice results.  However, departing from the what the majority of surgeons may tell you, I prefer saline and I'll tell you why.  In most women saline feel just about the same as silicone.  In fact I can only think of one patient who asked me to replace her saline implants with silicone because of the feel.  The problem with silicone implants include a much greater incidence of capsular contracture, undetected leakage, and a higher incidence of reoperation.  Silicone proponents say that was with the old implants and that those problems have been solved.   I'm not so sure about that.  I think saline implants offer better peace of mind in the long run and fewer problems.

Silicone vs. Saline

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Thank you for your questions. I typically recommend a silicon implant for my patients. With a silicon implants the breast typically look and feel much more natural. At my client, I prefer an Allergan Inspira implant. This implant has a cohesive gel giving patients a high satisfaction rate. 

Saline or Silicone?

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Thank you for your inquiry, I recommend silicone because its more safe and texture is much more natural then saline, the best implants are gel type also known as gummy bear implants. I suggest seeking a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss more information. Best of luck.

The best implnat

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The best implant just got released and is called the Inspira Cohesive smooth walled gell implant; it is a little more expensive; but if this is not a concern, this is the first smooth shelled round gummy bear to hit the market made by Allergan corporation. A consultation can show you all of the different implants so that you can feel them prior to making your choice.

Saline or Gel...

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your surgeon should be able to inform you of the differences and you can choose what is best for you.  In a nutshell, gels are more popular and produce more 'natural' results.  But saline is cheaper but when it deflates, its gone and you won't ever face that scenario with gel implants.  Gel implants, to the best of our knowledge and from having them around for almost 50 years, are safe and do not cause diseases.  Let your surgeon help you decide what is best for you.

Breast Implants Selection

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You deserve an in-depth discussion about implants, but for the sake of quickly answering your question, choose silicone gel. They have better performance characteristics, are more durable, and have less of a negative impact on your body tissues over time. They are equally safe. Go visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons. Best of luck!

Silicone vs. Saline

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Thank you for your question! With both types, the outer shell made of silicone but the interior differs in material and consistency. For saline, the implants are inserted empty, and then once in place they are filled with sterile salt water. Silicone implants are pre-filled with
silicone gel, a thick and sticky fluid that imitates the feel of human fat. Most women who choose a silicone breast augmentation feel the silicone implants feel and look like natural breast tissue.

While the feel is more realistic with silicone implants, saline implants have advantages as well. The cost of saline breast implants is typically less than silicone gel implants. In the case of an implant rupture, it would be immediately known with saline implants due to the change in shape and size of the breast. Your body would harmlessly absorb the leaking saline from the breast implant. When a silicone gel implant ruptures, the gel is structured to hold together inside the capsule and not travel to surrounding body areas, and though it is not toxic, a rupture might not be immediately known.

Women with moderately sized breasts who wish to enlarge their cup size would not see much significant difference between saline and silicone implants. However, women with minimal breast tissue and wish for much larger breasts will attain a more natural feel and have a lower chance of rippling (the rippling of the breast implant surface that may be see and/or felt), with silicone gel implants. 

Good luck!

Saline or Silicone? Which breast implants I should choose and why?

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Thanks for your question.  Both implants are readily available and the choice may not be important if you have thick breast tissue and elastic skin.  My experience over three decades indicates that the incidence of implant rupture in the first ten to fifteen years is much higher with saline implants compared to silicone.  For patients with thin breast tissue (or who develop thin breast tissue with pregnancy and aging) silicone tends to feel much more natural.

Meet with an ABPS Bd Certified plastic surgeon to feel the implants and discuss your preferences before choosing.  Good luck and best wishes,

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Saline vs silicone implants.

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Hi and thank you for the question. Silicone implants generally result in a more natural look and feel. In the United States and worldwide the vast majority of patients choose silicone implants. In my very busy reconstruction and cosmetic breast practice I see hundreds of patients a year with implants. The vastness majority of patients who have had both styles of implants prefer silicone. See some breast experts before you make any decisions. Good luck to you. 

Dr West

Thank you for your important question.

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The majority of breast implants will give you a very good result.  The size, shape and position will depend on you own anatomy.  However, the best implants available now are the Light-Weight B-Lite implants which weight 1/3 less than the same silicone implant.  Why is this important?  The implant weight is the most important cause of tissue stretch and therefore drooping of your breasts.  If you are very active, running or gym, implant weight will have a significant impact on the shape of your breasts.

Good luck

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