Will removing my mole on my breast above the nipple cause a scar worse than the mole itself? Surgical or apple vinegar? (Photo)

I have a benign mole on my right breast above the nipple. I was told by my plastic surgeon that, due to the location of this birthmark, it would leave a scar worse than the mark itself because of the tissues in the breast above the nipple. Is this true? Why is that? Is it recommended or leave it alone? What about using the apple vinegar method? Also, I am going in for a breast augmentation: how long should I wait to remove it to not get a scar?

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Mole Removal -- Lasers, Radiowave, Shave -- See an Expert

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There are many options for treatment including shave removal with laser or dessication will give improvement. Scarring will be minimal and can be treated with lasers and microneedling. Best, Dr. Emer

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