My question is would I need a lift with my augmentation? (photos)

I am so confused with the size of my breasts because every store has given me a different answer. At Victoria's Secret I am a 34B, at Nordstrom I am a 34C.

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BA with lift

Your photos are not uniform and some taken from above downwards which can distort the amount of perceived drooping. My best advice is to select the most qualified procedure rather than the method (see below link for tips on how to do this). Price varies based on where the procedure is done, how long it takes, experience of the surgeon, etc

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My question is would I need a lift with my augmentation?

The breasts may lose their elasticity and firmness which can be caused by different factors such as pregnancy, massive weight loss, lactation and aging. To reaffirm the breasts and restore the natural look your surgeon can perform a mastopexy or breast lift. A breast lift restores a firmer, perkier, and more aesthetically pleasing shape to sagging breasts. This not only can improve a patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions, but also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably and attractively. By removing excess, stretched out skin, reshaping the breast tissue, and raising the nipple & areola into a more forward position, a cosmetic surgeon can create a more youthful breast contour. Stretched, large areolae can also be reduced during breast lift surgery, creating an overall better proportioned, natural looking breast, Actually the perkiness on a person or another, depends on patients skin and breast tissue for the first 3 to 4 months! 

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Do I need a lift?

Thanks for your inquiry, bra sizes are not standardized, it is more like a dress size and can change from brand to brand.  As for needing  lift, if you were my patient I would insist on a lift.  Your choices could be lift only or lift with implant--not implant only.  Get a few more opinions and best of luck.  

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Breast Lift with Implants

Hi Missel,
Yes I believe so.  Please put an index card in your breast fold. If your nipple is at the edge of the card or below, then you would be a candidate for a lift, either a vertical or anchor or areolar incision. If your nipple is above the edge, you could be a candidate for an internal lift called the dual plane.Please see the web reference and video reference below. Be sure to seek a consultation with a BC PS to be sure.All the best, “Dr. Joe”

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Breast lift with augmentation

A breast lift would give a more youthful shape to the breast and address the excess skin you have. A breast augmentation alone would only address the volume loss. You would get the best result with a breast lift and augmentation. Please seek an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck.

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Augmentation Mastopexy

Don't worry about cup sizes; they are unimportant. As for the need for a lift, you absolutely need one to achieve a normal appearance after breast augmentation. Augmentation mastopexy is a complex surgery that should only be performed by ABPS certified/ASAPS members surgeons that specialize in cosmetic breast surgery, and do this procedure regularly and frequently.
Best of luck!

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Breast lift alone

Based on these photographs you appear to be an excellent candidate for a breast lift. I would suggest that you will not get the position shape and symmetry that you would like with an implant

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Do I need a lift or just breast implants

If you do not have a lift, you will get a larger version of your present breasts, and they are likely to droop even more.  See an ABPS board certified plastic surgeon in person for a full evaluation.   Best wishes.

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Breast Lift or Implants Alone?

Thanks for your question and photo.  There is little doubt in my mind that you need to consider a full breast lift to raise and narrow your nipples combined with a conservatively sized breast implant to enhance fullness and size.  Discuss your options with your ABPS Bd Certified plastic surgeon and discuss your size goals carefully.  You might also benefit from watching the video link above.  Good luck and enjoy your results.

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Lift and implant for best result

Thank you for your question and photo.  Yes, from what I can see on your photo, you would do best to combine a lift and implant together.  You appear to have a lot of overhanging breast below the crease, low nipples, and a lack of fullness in the upper pole of the breast.  An implant works well to provide fullness in the upper breast, however, when there is a lot of sagging/overhanging breast tissue the result is a double contour or "snoopy breast" deformity.  A breast lift will reshape your breasts and move your nipple higher, but does not provide significant upper pole improvement.  If your were my patient, I would likely offer you an "augmentation/reduction."  The augmentation will give you the volume and size you are looking for, while the small reduction/lift will reshape the breast and remove excess tissue in the lower breast (where you don't want it).  Bras will vary all over the place so don't focus too much on the cup size.  Best to discuss in-person with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you choose the best implant for you. Good luck.

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