Did I pick the wrong implant?I told my doc I wanted to be able to get in shape w/o worrying about implant future changes.(photo)

Very little breast tissue to start with. Chose Sientra textured anatomical 350/400cc. Very active girl. Few weeks post op, felt ripple in side of implant (Doc said not to worry). Thought nipples were too high (doc said no). Now 1.5 yrs post op and 7-8 lbs lighter, and I can see a visible differentiation b/w tissue and implant. I don't want to have to gain weight to cover my implant. I also didn't want to spend thousands on a re-op at 26 with not kids. I don't know what to do. Sincerely so sad

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Concern about implants

Hi there!  I noticed your 3rd picture was one of my corrective cases that I did a number of years ago for inferior malposition and double bubbles.  Thankfully I think your case is milder and can be fixed in a fairly straightforward manner by fat grafting the lower breasts to smooth out their contours.  Tightening the lower pockets internally can be performed as well (or instead) of fat grafting if you don't have much fat to donate, although not too much fat is needed for the correction.  I don't think this issue is a result of your implant choice.  As a matter of fact, your problem would probably be worse with smooth round implants, as they tend to settle more than anatomicals which can exaggerate the appearance of a double bubble.  Implant palpability and visibility is a more common issue for thinner women, and your recent weight loss probably made things a little worse by revealing where your breast tissue naturally stops (fat padding in the breasts hides underlying irregularities). The root cause of your issue seems to be your pre-existing anatomy and asymmetry, but it was probably less noticeable before the 7 pound weight loss.  I would try putting a little of the weight back on to see that helps.  That is probably the only way to improve things without surgery.  If that doesn't work, revisit your original surgeon to discuss fat grafting and pocket tightening.  It looks Ike the surgery was performed well, but soft tissues can stretch in unexpected ways and revisions are unfortunately necessary for a certain percent of patients.  Best of luck!

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Decoding double bubble issues

First, overall your result appears to be good. The problem I see is probably not related to weight loss but pre-existing asymmetry and your anatomy. Your pre-op picture shows the bottom fold to be higher on one side, right where you are seeing a groove now. Your options include fat grafting to smooth out the groove, or switching to smaller implants and moving them up. Nipple position appears to be naturally very high, not related to implant placement.

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