What payment options are available for vaginal rejuvenation?

I do not have enough credit built up to finance on my own and im too embarrassed to ask for a cosigner. I don't have credit cards either because again I do not have enough credit built up.

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Payment options for vaginal rejuvenation

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Every practice is different, but at my practice we recommend patients use CareCredit to help pay for their treatments. They have a great payment calculator on their website so that you can see how much your monthly payments to CareCredit would be. Click on the link I have provided below to learn more about CareCredit. 

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Paying for genitl plastic/cosmetic surgery; financing

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My honest advice is to SAVE UP! Of course, there are plastic/cosmetic surgery finance options ("Care Credit" is the best, probably), but if you have no credit rating it will be difficult to finance, and the terms won't be favorable.  Our office, and many other surgeons give a discount for cash/check vs. credit card; we give a discount to RealSelf viewers.  We also give an additional discount if you have your surgery performed during the times that I am holding Masters Classes, teaching other surgeons the fine points of genital plastic work. Click on the link below for more information...

Ask your chosen surgeon about discounts, and save up!  Be careful NOT to go to someone who doesn't have the experience/credentials, just because they are "cheap."  You will end up paying double for the "re-do...!"

Payment options for Vaginoplasty

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There are great and affordable payment plans through Care Credit to finance cosmetic procedures. 

Hope that helps :)

Payment options for vaginal rejuvenation?

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Other than credit cards, CareCredit.com is the most reliable source for financing assistance for cosmetic surgery. Other than that, patients simply save up their pennies month by month until they can offord the surgery they are contemplating. Glad to help. 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
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Save Up!

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Common sense. If you can't afford something yet and can't borrow the money, save up. Some surgeons have layaway plans to help you do this.

Payment options

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Most of the time for elective surgery payment is taken prior to surgery. If credit is a problem and you can not finance it or put it on a credit card you may want to talk to your doctors office. You may be able to work out a different payment schedule especially if this is someone you have been seeing for sometime. It never hurts to ask. 

John Baten, MD
Jackson Urogynecologist
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Payment optoins for labiaplasty

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are usually limited to what financing you can get on your own.  Many doctors used to offer financing in their office but too many have been burned by happy patients just not wanting to fulfill their obligation.  Another option could be locating a surgeon who is interested in this procedure and you volunteer to be his/her first patient and allow your photos to be used in marketing.  But your chosen surgeon needs to do his homework and be willing to have plan B's ready for you.  They don't teach this in school so all the surgeons out there learned this on their own and got better with experience.  I got started when my  staff wanted to do the procedure... and its been good ever since.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Costs for vaginal rejuvenation

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Costs for #vaginalrejuvenation:
depending on what is done.. the costs for non surgical treatments can run 3000-5000. This may take more than one treatment, and there may be recommended follow up maintenance over time to keep the results at the desired point.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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