Pain 4 months after breast implant removal (total capsulectomy) - breast implants were under the muscle.

Before I had my implants removed I had revision surgery to go from 350cc to 275cc. On the right side it went wrong- the implant stuck out like a hard square ridge (at the top) & was v painful. After 1 year my surgeon agreed it wouldn't fix itself so I opted for implant removal. 4 months later the right side is still painful, has a large hard lump horizontally across my entire breast (under the tissue) & doing any movement hurts. Why is this? Should I get an MRI? What tests should I ask for?

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Your pictures would have been helpful

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This is little complicated to answer without pictures. The most common cause of pain after implant placement is capsular contracture. I offer patient with multiple problems with implant , implant removal and fat grafting. Please send pictures and see the linkĀ 

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