What are my options for facial fat reduction? I had a revision mini facelift that looks worse than before. (photo)

The P.S. added fat. I had a revision mini lift and to address acne scars the Plastic Surgeon Dr.Wolf added fat to my cheeks. He did a minimal job on my lift. I dont think he did any muscle tightenting. It looks like he drapped my skin and added volume now i look 50 vs my youthful 40years. His suggestion was facial liposuction to the jowl - line. Im so upset depressed and overwhelmed at my choice in doctors. Does he have the right idea to remove these puffy cheeks? In addition the corners of my mouth are downturned.

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Fat reduction

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I'm so sorry you have had a bad experience.  If the fat injections have been done less than 1 year ago, I would recommend waiting since some of the fat and/or swelling may resorb and go down.  I haven't seen your pre op photos so it's hard to say what the best approach may be.  Your doctor seems concerned that you aren't happy and is interested in touching up the cheeks to give you what you want.  That's a good sign that he is invested in your care.  Lipo may be an option but I recommend being conservative.  Multiple small procedures are better than overdoing it.  I hope this helps.  And good luck.

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