Rib graph slip out; is this normal? Wait to resolve on own? Will swelling normalize? Is this removed surgically? (Photos)

Revisionary rhinoplasty We removed stents I was able to breathe out of right side. I looked with light in my left nostril saw a piece completely blocking nostril. Told the dr he said he will check when we remove cast. My cast fell off the day before I saw him and my nose looks deformed. It's crooked and bulging on the side of the extra piece. Dr saw said it will heal on own and the reason it's bigger in one side is the swelling nothing to do but wait. I'm going crazy can't breathe bulging side

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Post op revision rhinoplasty

You are still very early on in the healing process and definitely have swelling, as expected.  This will slowly subside and you should be able to breathe better in time.  I recommend that you continue to follow up with your surgeon.

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Rib Graft for Revision Rhinoplasty

From your photo, you can see the deviation of the nose to one side. It it difficult to appreciate if the rib graft is protruding into the airway, but there is clearly an obstruction. It is likely that you may need to be evaluated in person, and may be a rare instance where a surgical intervention would be needed. Exposed cartilage can dry out and resorb. 
I would recommend discussing this with your surgeon sooner than later.
Continue to follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you progress as planned.  Best of luck, Vincent Marin, MD San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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Rib graft

You are very early in the healing process and I would recommend following up closely with your surgeon. They will need to perform regular examinations to ensure that everything is healing correctly. It would be very uncommon for a rib graft to 'slip' entirely into the nasal cavity. GIve it some time and things should improve
Best of luck

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