My mouth protrudes. Can it be fixed with braces in under 1 year? (Photo)

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Braces in Under a Year?

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Since I can't see your teeth and their condition it would be difficult to say but I would recommend a product called Fastbraces. This is a product that looks very similar to conventional braces but instead of square braces they are rectangular and instead of round wires they are square. This proprietary bracket and wire system allow much faster tooth movement without damaging the teeth. Instead of measuring treatment time in years we now measure in months and sometimes even weeks.Good luck!


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Hi there,

Every time we do braces average treatment length takes  at least take 1-1.5 year, usually 2 years.  The reason for that is we want to stabilize the teeth in new position  so later on we have less chances for relapse. Relapse means teeth wants to get into their old position, we prevent that with retainer wear after completion of braces, also by slowing the process and fixing the teeth in a new position and keeping on rectrangular wires for some time, which making the roots also move into new position, strongly fixing them and forming extra bone around the roots. Again we might straightened your teeth in 6  months, but we want to keep the braces and fix teeth in new position at least for  a year and more.
Usually any orthodontic office before your diagnosis we have to collect  comprehensive orthodontic records: includes Xray, models of your jaws, several intraoral photos and based on that only the dentist will give you specifics like how long and stuff like that.
Hope that helped and good luckGeorge Sahakyan DDS

George Sahakyan, DDS
Glendale Dentist

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