Minor Scar Revision on TT Scar?

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TT Scar revision

Hi Mommy-of-two. I'm sorry that you're disappointed with your tummy tuck scar. Without seeing your before photo, I'd guess that you did not have a lot of excess skin, and a higher incision was the only way to avoid having an additional vertical scar.
It's not uncommon for tummy tuck patients to be concerned about the way their scar looks after surgery. At 6 weeks, yours is still fairly fresh; it will fade considerably within the next few months. Give it six months, and if you're still unhappy, there are surgical and non-surgical scar revision treatments you can explore. Good luck!

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TT scars can always be revised

and ideally, your surgeon has a clear policy on revisions that would limit your costs.  That is why its important to know what your doctor's revision policy is before having any surgery.

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Minor Scar Revision on TT Scar?

Yes, any scar can be revised anytime. This can be done under local anesthesia in the office. I don't charge for scar revisions on my patients.

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Improving the appearance of your abdominoplasty scar

There are many things that can be done to improve the appearance of your abdominoplasty scar.  Follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon.  

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Scar revision

First, wait about 6 months post surgery.  Often, the redness will fade over time.  Try products like bio-Corneum or Mederma.  Avoid sun exposure.  A spread scar can be improved with a repeat multi-layered closure under less tension.  At times, laser therapy can be helpful.

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Options for improved tummy tuck scar.


Thank you for the question.  There are a handful of options to improve he appearance of your tummy tuck scar.  A scar revision is one of these options.  The best way to achieve an excellent result with a scar revision is by freeing up the tissue enough to allow closure of the incision properly and under less tension.  Simply excising the scar and closing it often leads to comparable scar appearance.

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