How long does it take your skin tone to even out after peeling from 1st degree burns from an IPL Laser Treatment? (photos)

I had an IPL Laser treatment last month.I've done this before w/ a good outcome, this time the tech had the settings too high causing 1st degree burns on both of my arms. One spot the size of a quarter had a 2nd degree burn. My arms have healed nicely (no hypo or hyperpigmentation), except the 2nd degree, which is red. Now that my arms have peeled,how long will it take for my skin tone to even out? She missed certain areas of my arms & that skin went untouched, which means I'm a patchwork quilt.

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See a physician for burns after IPL

From those pictures it looks like you have some red areas that look like burns, but also light areas in the treated skin with some darker areas at the sites of overlap. You will need to be very careful about sun exposure, wear a strong sun block, and will need burn care as well as skin lighteners to even out the pigment. The hyperpigmentation after IPL is almost always temporary, and will improve over time with proper treatment. Without proper skin care and treatment, those areas of hyperpigmentation can last a long time.

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Burns After IPL On Skin

I suggest you see an expert this needs lightening creams and proper skin care/sun protection before considering any peels or lasers.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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