I want to know if the left lower lid malposition and tearing can resolve without a new surgical procedure? (Photo)

I had blepharoplasty two weeks ago, this is how my eyes look like. I´m concerned about my left inferior eyelid, it´s position and tearing. I was advised by my doctor to massage the lid and to use a steri strip.

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I want to know if the left lower lid malposition and tearing can resolve without a new surgical procedure?

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Continue gentle massage upward and outward as directed by your surgeon.  Taping with steri strips can help support the lower eyelid until the swelling has resolved.  If the ectropion does not resolve with time, a canthoplasty will be needed to re-suspend your eyelid.  Your case does appear to be mild.  I think conservative, non-surgical treatment should be able to achieve your goals.  

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Lower lid ectropion after bleph

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You have a temporal ectropion on the left.  This is one of the most common complications of lower eyelid surgery.  It can occur when there is laxity of the tendon in the corner which holds the eyelid in place.  The swelling of the surgery will be able to pull the lid down. As the swelling resolves the lid may come back up to its normal position.  You can do some massage to help this along - just massage the lower eyelid upward in the corner.  If it does not elevate in about 4-6 months, you will need a revision to tighten the tendon.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Too early to tell

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Lower lid malposition is an unfortunate but relatively common complication of lower eyelid surgery. While reasonably common in the early postoperative period, the vast majority of cases resolve without further surgery, but it takes time (3-6 months) for the tissues to soften and return to the normal position. Your surgeon's advice is sound. Keep following up with him/her and don't rush into another procedure.

Good luck!

Barry Press, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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Often times there will be asymmetry in the initial healing period.  Your left lower lid is everting.  This is called ectropion.  At this point, it is often the result of conjunctival swelling.  The is the under side of your eyelid PUSHING the lid outward.  The more worrisome cause of ectropion is the cheek and lower lid PULLING with lid outward.  Your surgeon has given you the appropriate guidance at this point.  Be patient, but report any worsening to him/her.  You will likely see gradual improvement to resolution over the next couple of weeks.

Sirius K. Yoo, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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