Neck lift 1 Year PO, Still Have Lump On Side of Neck, Is This Normal? (photo)

I Had a Necklift One Year Ago and Still Have Redness and a Lump One Side of my Neck..also the Scar is Crooked and Noticeable

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Lump on my neck after neck lift and crooked scar

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From the photo that you have provided it is difficult to determine what the lump is. It could be an area of residual swelling from surgery that could benefit from a steroid injection. It could be a lymph node. Regardless, anytime you have a lump in your neck it needs to be thoroughly evaluated, sometimes including imaging and needle biopsy. I would make sure to follow up with your surgeon to get this further evaluated. If you no longer have contact with your surgeon, follow up with another experience facial plastic surgeon for recommendations.

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Swelling post face lift

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The submental photograph is not very helpful. Your plastic surgeon would be the one to ask. If the swelling was their immediatly post op it may have something to do type of face lift he or she did where tissue is pulled up vertically and bunches up. The redness you are describing wuold usually be a sign of inflamation, infection which would be an unusual complication of a face lift. You need to see your doctor to see what your options are.

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Neck Lump post-facelift

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Hello there

I'm afraid the photograph is not very helpful . You really need to discuss it with your surgeon or get someone to see you for a second opinion .

Some people have large submandibular salivary glands and these can become more obvious when the rest of the neck contour is smoother .

But best to have a plastic surgeon take a look at you .


Terrence Scamp

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Neck lift 1 Year PO, Still Have Lump On Side of Neck, Is This Normal?

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Need better photos and best to see a local boarded PS in San Diego Like Dr Steven Cohen. 

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