I had a left lateral Brow Lift 2 weeks ago and see no difference. Am I crazy?! (photos)

(Asymmetry from 10yr old coronal brow lift.) Left lateral brow lift 2 wks ago to make it more in line with my right. I see no difference in these pictures. Super disappointed. I put every cent I had into this surgery and military hubby flew from Japan to care for me. Aside from the money/planning that went into this I chose a thoroughly reviewed specialist. Am I crazy?! Or is there no difference here? Anything that might help at this point? And is a doctor ever under any obligation to improve upon his work? Thx in advance for the guidance!

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Brow Lift

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Thank you for your question. You are in the very early stages of your healing process and should refrain from evaluating your results. Most patients experience noticeable changes after a few weeks of healing and recovery, at which point, you can resume normal activities. Please discuss your recovery expectations with your board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Brow position after a brow lift

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Thoughts on brow position vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon.  Some patients want an extremely high, unnatural brow position where the eyebrow is far away from the eye bone. That doesn't look pretty or natural.

I've referenced a brow lift chapter in a textbook that I wrote that may be helpful... although it is somewhat technical reading.

It looks from your photos that the procedure was well performed.  Of course, expectations are everything, so you should have a frank discussion with your surgeon.

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Brow lift asymmetry

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The images should be taken with the same camera settings and focal distance. . The blue image shows a face that is much wider than the second/adjacent  slim-face image because of it which creates analytical difference/error. But having said that, the second image has a frontal hair line that is higher on the left than what is depicted on the first image and seems to be a really nice early result.

Post browlift

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It definitely looks higher and you are symmetrical now.  Neither brow is super high but they are now even. 

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