I would like a little more information about the (temporal) Lateral Brow Lift. How long will it last?

I had the full forehead lift 16 years ago. In the last 5 years, when I relax my forehead, I look angry and skin droops over my lid and my brows are very low even though the skin on my forehead is still very tight. I find myself always raising my brows just for comfort! I wonder if I am a candidate for the lateral lift. I just want a little lift on the sides of my brows. I do not want a bleph. I dont like the results ive seen. How long will a simple lateral (skin only) brow lift last?

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I would like a little more information about the (temporal) Lateral Brow Lift. How long will it last?

 Hi and thanks for your question. The temporal brow lift procedure is a great method to elevate the lateral one third of the eyebrow. It can easily be performed in the office under local anesthesia. There is no elevation of the hairline, and the scar usually fades with time. 

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Browlifts after a coronal lift

can be done but incision placement must be judiciously done to prevent potential skin/scalp/hair loss.  I personally love the forehead lift done at the hairline (which is the same as you are thinking) but do find there is a high relapse rate and when done again, its holds up much better against the test of time.  So my patients are told to expect needing a revision that can easily be done in the office under local.  An exam is really needed to determine if this lift is feasible for you so schedule a consultation with a local plastic surgeon and find out what he/she can do for you.

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I would like a little more information about the lateral brow lift

A lateral browlift only involved skin removal in the temporal area and only  partially elevates the lateral eyebrow.  Unfortunately, it also raises the  Temporal  hairline.  Due to skin inelasticity and the stretch back phenomenon, it usually does not last very long. A full set of pictures are required to make a determination about being a candidate for brow lift procedure, also address the level of the eyebrows, the level of the hairline, and the status of the corrugator and frontalis muscles.  For many  before and after examples, please see the link and the video below

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I would like a little more information about the (temporal) Lateral Brow Lift. How long will it last?

See following manuscript on temporal brow lift technique. Need to see photos to better you specifically if you would benefit from it.  See following video too.

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Temporal brow lift

If the lateral brow is the only area that is really drooping you can do well with a temporal brow lift.  This can be done in a few ways, but usually best when done behind the hairline.  You should get a natural lift - almost impossible to overcorrect.  Should last for a few years. 

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I would like a little more information about the (temporal) Lateral Brow Lift.

I'm not a believer in lateral brow lifts since I have had too many patients come to my office having had them with disappointing results.  Meet with an experienced and bd certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon to be evaluated and see if you might be best treated with a secondary browlift.  Best wishes,

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Treatment of angry look and possible brow lift ?

 Treatment of angry look and possible brow lift ?  I would not do a lateral brow lift if you have an angry look. You need a brow lift done with an Irregular Trichophytic Incision  which will lift the forehead in a natural way. This will not leave a visible scar if properly done. A lateral brow lift often makes the patient look more angry and does not correct the effects of gravity.   See an experienced surgeon who is familiar with this technique. 

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Lateral browlift

A lateral browlift can be done minimally invasively and is a good solution to lateral brow ptosis.  The results are long lasting but the effects of aging can not be stopped.  Even though the brow is usually always in a better position than without the surgery, more elevation may be needed as you age naturally.  Best wishes.

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Brow lift: Lateral (temporal) approach

A brow lift is a procedure to improve the position of the brow for drooping or asymmetric brows. It is not necessarily about tightening the skin on your forehead. This procedure can also help support the upper eyelid.

A lateral or temporal approach is a surgery to lift and rotate the outside portion of your eyebrow. Usually 2 incisions are made in the hair on each side.

Many patients are hesitant to have a brow lift because they have seen poor results. A good brow lift is subtle. A dramatic browlift will only give you an unnatural look of surprise. Brow lift also allows for a safer blepharoplasty.  It allows for a more conservative blepharoplasty. Removing too much eyelid skin will cause problems with eye closure. I recommend a consultation so a surgeon can examine you and determine what would be appropriate for your face to reach a safe and happy outcome.

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Brow Lift

Thank you for your question. Most often a brow lift is done as an endoscopic procedure where small incisions are made in the hairline and special surgical elements are used to make the cosmetic corrections. Because the incisions are so small in the hairline, once healing is completed the scars will not be visible. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

Also - please post photos. It is helpful for our answering your questions. 

Best wishes,

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