I have been to a couple consults in my area and I am confused by the recommendations. Any suggestions?

One Dr said he could do an augmentation with lollipop lift while 2 others said I needed a full anchor lift. I would like to minimize scarring but I want the best result possible. How does a PS determine which type of lift to do? I am 35, 5ft 8inches and 170lbs. My bra size now is 36d and I would like to stay around the same size, just look perkier and add fullness.

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Breast lift

Thank you for your question. The type of lift depends on the distance from the your clavicle to the infamammary crease. Photos will be necessary to determine your candidacy for the procedures. 

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Breast lift technique

A great result can be accomplished either way depending on your surgeon's preference.  I would ask to see before and after photos from each surgeon just to make sure that you see what you are looking for.  If you post photos it may sway my answer one way or another but honestly a lot of patients lie in the middle somewhere and can get a great result either way as long as your surgeon knows what he/she is doing.  From here it may be a matter of what office you feel most comfortable in and which surgeon you communicate best with.  Good luck! Dr. McCormack

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Most of my recommendations are based on your goals. Photos would help but it sounds like all your consulted surgeons agree that you will need a breast lift.  I would find the surgeon that you feel most comfortable that he/she will get you the desired results.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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Consider posting photos.  Without seeing you, online consultants cannot make recommendations.   Consult with highly experienced board certified plastic surgeons to discuss your options.

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