I had a breast lift and augmentation about 9 months ago. Does it seem a revision may be necessary? (photos)

I had 450 cc mod+ implants and lift. Would moving to a high profile implant slightly larger help to fill the tissues and reduce the appearance of them sagging? I previously had a implants prior to the lift so i was told the preexisting scar tissue was used to help support the implant this time. Should I consider strattice if I need a revision? Can it be placed under local or is general required?

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BA with lift

Your photos are not uniform and some taken from above downwards which can distort the amount of perceived drooping. My best advice is to select the most qualified procedure rather than the method (see below link for tips on how to do this). Price varies based on where the procedure is done, how long it takes, experience of the surgeon, etc

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I had a breast lift and augmentation about 9 months ago. Does it seem a revision may be necessary?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well…
I have to say that you are still early on healing process, it is too soon to determine how your results are going to be, per now, they look very nice and beautiful, you can have one bigger than the other, feel swollen and also have bruises and open wounds, it is normal and that can happen Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well..

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I had a breast lift and augmentation about 9 months ago. Does it seem a revision may be necessary?

Your breasts appear to be appropriately lifted for the size of implants you have.  While you do have some excess skin/tissue under the areolae, they are positioned appropriately on your breast mound.  Strattice can help to reinforce the lower pole of your breasts but it is very expensive and cannot insure against further sagging, especially if your skin has lost elasticity with weight gain/loss/pregnancy.  Larger implants will only hasten the sagging process over time. If your ultimate goal is to be more lifted, you may want to consider possibly a higher profile smaller implants so there is less weight challenging your breast tissue.  If you are set on using Strattice, it must be done under anesthesia.  Good luck to you.

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Recurrent Dropout

Larger implants will only temporarily fix your problem, with each larger implant eventually stretching the skin out, causing downward displacement. In fact, if your goal is less glandular sag (dropout), you will need a smaller implant, an internal capsular tightening, and a revision lift/possible reduction of tissue. 
Best of luck!

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Revision Breast Lift

Hello and thank you for sharing your question on RealSelf.

One picture does not really help much but it seems you have some stretching of the skin between nipple and lower crease.  This causes some loss of upper fullness and is called 'bottoming out'.  It occurs because your skin is thin (that is why one needs a lift) and have a rather heavy implant that stretches skin from weight and gravity.  

There are ways to attain improvement.  These range from removing some of the stretched lower skin using scars you already have to the use of a dermal matrix such as Strattice to strengthen the lower part of the pocket.  Going to a larger implant alone will just cause more skin to stretch and drop even more.

No matter how well a plastic surgeon performs a lift with implants, post-operative sag can occur over time.  It can happen with any lift procedure because lift patients have thin skin and less elasticity to that skin.

Discuss this with your surgeon for options.

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Breast Lift Revision

Thank you for your question. Without a series of pictures, its hard to know how your healing process went, but I would imagine that they looked better at first, and then settled lower than you would like. There are several options including Strattice to tighten the pocket. First, a larger implant might help, but this wouldn’t last long because it is heavier as well.

In my practice, I prefer to use Galaflex to support breast lifts in cosmetic patients. This mesh is made from absorbable sutures, takes about 1-2 years to dissolve, and leaves the breast stronger even after its gone. The other benefit is that this technique  is that it is less expensive, and does not require drains like Strattice.
There are other options as well, such as just tightening the pocket from the inside, using textured implants to hold position better, and other meshes or dermis. These options can be used in combination.  Check with your surgeon to see if he/she agrees.  
Best, Dr. Schwartz

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