Are hair grafts a good choice to lower/round out hairline and bring temporal hair closer in? (photo)

I am weary of hairline lowering surgery & want to know if hair grafts are a better option. I have curly hair & am prone to ingrowns, could this be an issue? Also about how many grafts would need to be harvested, and about how much could this cost? If I go this route as a pose to hairline lowering surgery, will the new hairline be noticably thinner or prevent me from wearing my hair slicked up into a bun or ponytail?

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Grafts for Hairline Lowering

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Curly hair is an advantage not a problem if you choose to lower your hairline using grafts. It will take longer to achieve the final result with this technique but carefully select your surgeon after seeing multiple examples of that individual's work.

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Hairline Lowering In Women with Curly Hair

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Hairline lowering with hair transplantation is preferable as there is less scarring in the anterior scalp. Please view a lot of before and after pictures and pick your surgeon carefully.

Hairline lowering

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You can save considerably on hair grafts if you consider a hairline advancement first. This will decrease the number of grafts needed and has the potential to lift the temples and brows area. You should look for a surgeon with a specialized expertise in this field.

Hairline lowering with hair transplants

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As you are in California, please consider visiting me. I can examine you to make sure that the appropriate solution for your hair loss and large forehead is addressed properly. My wife had her forehead reduced as well as my daughter-in-law with great results.  

William Rassman, MD
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Female hairline

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Bringing your hairline lower can define/ frame your face thereby making your face more feminine. Yes, hair transplant is a great option to achieve your goal thanks to the new techniques available in hair restoration. Whether you chose a hairline advancement or a hair transplant either can achieve your desired result.  I recommend speaking with a hair transplant specialist to discuss the procedures then you can weigh the pros and cons yourself.    Curly hair could be a challenge but it is also a blessing as curly hair gives a fuller volume appearance.   The number of grafts depends on how low the hairline is placed.  This decision can only be made during an actual visit as we base the hairline height on the proportions of your face ie the rule of 3rds. The cost depends on the number of grafts.   Lastly, you asked about a thin hairline and not being able to wear your hair up, the idea behind having a hair transplant is to make you look natural such that even your hair stylist cannot even tell.  In other words, we densely pack your hairline/front so you can wear any hairstyle

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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Hair transplant or hair grafting would be a good solution to round out your forehead or narrow your temples.

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Hair transplant or hair grafting would be a good solution to round out your forehead or narrow your temples.  It is best to see a doctor in person for a consultation and examination.

Jae Pak, MD
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