Do I have enough fat for transfer to breasts? (Photo)

I would like a small increase (1 cup size) in my breasts, and do not want implants. I have been told I do not have enough fat for fat transfer, is this true? I am 5'5" 115lbs. Thanks!

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If you just want a cup size

bigger and no implants, consider BRAVA and use whatever fat that can be harvested from your body.  If none, the BRAVA may be good enough by itself.  

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Enough fat for fat transfers to breasts?

You look like you are in great shape and have fairly low percentage body fat.  You have to be examined in person to know for sure, but based on your pics, I would go after the fat in your abdomen and muffin tops.  The buttocks is usually a good go-to donor area but you do not look like you have much excess to give there (as you would not want to lose your curves there).  Other good areas to go after are usually the outer and inner thighs.  I can't see though what you have there in the pics you submitted.  I would not waste any time going after the little fat in your arms or upper back based on what I can see.  I recommend you see several board certified plastic surgeons with a lot of experience with fat transfers.  Best wishes.

Breast Fat Transfer

It's possible that you're a candidate but this can only be determined during an inperson consultation with an experienced liposuction fat transfer specialist. Your donor areas may include abdomen, flanks, lower back, arms, inner thigh, and knees. Expect 1/2  to 2/3 of a cup increase with each session. 

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Do I have enough fat for transfer to breasts?

Unfortunately, you are not a good candidate for fat transfer to the breasts. The results that you would achieve would be barely noticeable and disappointing. The use of breast implants for augmentation will be your best option for predictable results. Thank you for sharing your photos and question. Best wishes. Dr. Gregory Park, San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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Enough fat for a 1 cup size breast enlargement??

Provides a half cup size increase but in your case I am not even sure you would achieve that.  I think you got good advice during your consultation.  The best choice for you if you do wish to make the change would be to consider cohesive silicone gel breast implants in my opinion.  Best wishes,

It is rare that someone can achieve a full cup size increase even with abundant available fat for transfer during one session.  In your case I really feel that you likely do not have adequate fat to make a substantial difference in your cup size.  Most people feel that a successful session of fat augmentation

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Do you have enough fat

You do not have enough fat for transfer to your breasts; please consider an implant which will provide you much more significant size increase.

Arian Mowlavi, MD
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