Too fat for Coolsculpting? (photo)

I've had 3 Coolsculpting treatments with very minimum results over the last year. Am I to fat for this procedure?

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Too Fat for CoolSculpting?

Judging from your photo, no.  But it would take a hands on look to know if what we are seeing on the photo is the kind of fat that responds best, that is soft, pinchable and not fibrous.  Also how much is fat and how much is skin?  And has your weight been stable?  A second opinion here with a local body contouring expert (CoolSculpting and liposuction options) should be helpful.  Good luck.

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Who Is The Perfect CoolSculpt Candidate -- Fat Or Thin

I see many questions such as yours.  The answer lies in what you expect from your result.  Many offices offer only CoolSculpt consultations.  I suggest you go to a board certified plastic surgeon who offers liposuction as well as CoolSculpting; this way, an educated, experienced doctor who has been board certified in aesthetic surgery can help you to understand the benefits and/or drawbacks of each.  There absolutely are patients who need liposuction as compared to CoolSculpting, and others who will benefit greatly from CoolSculpting alone. 

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Too fat for Coolsculpting Treatment?

Based on the picture, I would say no.  But it would be good to see standard photography before and after each treatment.  It also depends on the application and number of treatments for a specific area.  WHile Coolsculpting is probably the best non invasive device for localized fat reduction and contouring it is by no means perfect.  It may be possible that other procedures such as a surgical option may be more appropriate. I would sit down with my provider and go over the pictures.  Often times when clients do not feel they have gotten a result, they are shocked to the see the before and after pictures as fat loss is gradual over several months and may not be immediately apparent.
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Dr Soni

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Too fat for Coolsculpting?

Thank you for your question. CoolSculpting is able to destroy 25% of fat cells each treatment round. Patients who are not good candidates may not have excellent results. If you feel that CoolSculpting has not worked for you, I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon about other options. In-person assessments are always best. All the best. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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CoolSculpting and improvements

Hi,  So here is the straight talk about CoolSculpting.  In a minority of cases, there will be NO results.  This is unfortunate for a patient with little response but it is a fact.  I call these patients non-responders. I discuss this during the initial consultation because I want patients to know that there are various responses to the procedure.  Some patients can have a WOW result too.  Only after you have the procedure will you know how your fatty tissue responds.  Having said this, many patients will have an incremental effect but as each session can result in up to 20% decrease in fatty tissue treated, then a heavier patient might not see such a dramatic result from each treatment as would perhaps a patient with modest fat tissue deposits. If you see some results, then you might consider being treated again or consider the surgical alternative.  Surgery WILL take away unwanted fat but most patients that have CoolSculpt just want to avoid surgery.    You might have come to the point of considering other options.  Make sure you discuss this totally with your doctor and then you will know what steps you want to take.  NO, you are not too fat !  You are just discouraged and that is understandable.  Good luck with it all.

Steven M. Lynch, MD
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Coolsculpting Limits?

In the underarm and "bra fat" area there is additional struggles of loose skin.  3 cycles of CoolSculpting should be enough to make at least some improvement in fat reduction.  The skin in that area is loose to accommodate lifting your arms above the head.  Without  actually pinching the area it is hard to fully evaluate and make recommendations.  Do you need more fat reduction or do you need some skin tightening?

Jeff Birchall, MD
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Too Fat for CS

Thank you for sharing your photo. You are not too fat for CoolSculpting from the photo but to get the best answer, an in person consultation to feel the fat in the area of concern is recommended. Results from this all vary upon what your expectations are and how many treatments it will take to get there. It also depends on whether or not you are looking for immediate vs. longer to achieve results. Overall, if the non-invasive route is the best route suited for you and you aren't feeling like you have gotten the results you wanted, I would go back to your certified plastic surgeon/CoolSculpting Practice to see what next steps are best for you.

Randolph Capone, MD, FACS
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CoolSculpting and Your Treatment Plan

Based on your picture, CoolSculpting does seem like it is an option for you.  However, based on the bruising from your applicators, it does not look like you may have done the right treatment plan for each area.  Some areas, like the flanks, may need multiple applicators during the same day of treatment to cover the whole area or you may not end up with the result you are looking for.  Make sure you see a board certified plastic surgeon to find out all of your options.  Each CoolSculpting treatment kills about 25% of the fat cells in the treated area. 

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Too fat for Coolsculpting?

Unfortunately, without seeing you in person and actually squeezing and grabbing the areas you are trying to reduce it is impossible to say if you are a good candidate.  By all appearances from your photos you are certainly not too fat.  That being said, if your weight has fluctuated, if the area is too fibrous or dense, if it is mostly skin and not fat, etc., you may not get optimal results.  Consider an evaluation, in person, with a board certified plastic surgeon that is an expert in not only Coolsculpting but Liposuction and/or other procedures that may be of greater benefit. Good luck 

Grant Stevens, MD
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It appears that you do have the right type of fat for Coolsculpting... did you gain any weight during your treatment time?  Did you go back to your doctor to take before and after photos?  We always encourage our patients to remain the same weight and to return for photos to show the improvement.  IF you are looking for a more rapid or obvious option, liposuction is another topic to discuss with your doctor.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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