Can I Have Fat Augmentation to Buttocks a Year After Hydrogel Injection?

I had hydrogel injected buttocks a year ago,.after about 3 months I noticed it was dissolving and now its no longer noticable, I believe its been absorbed and want fat transfer is this possible

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Fat Augmentation to Buttocks a Year After "Hydrogel" Injection?

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Hydrogel is NOT FDA approved and its injection is illegal in the US. Whoever injected you broke Federal law AND most likely did not even use "Hydrogel".

Now that that substance is (hopefully) gone and you squeezed by without harm I would take a real deep breath before getting your rear end injected with anything. Please see a REPUTABLE board certified Plastic surgeon and have him advise you on the SAFEST way to proceed. It may require a bit of waiting, but in general fat transfer is a safe and largely permanent condition.


Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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