What's the most effective treatment for facial sun spots?

What is the most effective treatment for facial sun spots, and what is the best cream to prevent them besides SPF?

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Facial sun spots

There are so many treatments that help with brown spots that it really depends on your skin types and the types of brown spots you have. Chemical peels work very well for some forms of pigment while Photofacials work better for others. Antioxidants and Retinols are both crucial in preventing and correcting pigmentation. The best thing to do is to go see a plastic surgeon or Dermatologist for a consultation.

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Sun Spot Treatment

There are many options for sun spots, if they are true sun spots and not melasma (which is much more difficult to treat).  See a cosmetic dermatologist because if you have a few sun spots, you will continue to get more no matter what you do to your skin.  You will need a good topical bleaching regimen and broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you against long wave UVA.  Peels, laser treatments, and pulsed light treatments are available and typically all work well.  But, it all depends on how experienced the person is with the treatment they are offering.  It is best to find someone you trust with a good reputation and who has advanced training in laser, peels, and light treatments.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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Laser for Sun Spots

Hi Ms. Petite.  If you have sun damage (freckles or sun spots) then a cream will likeley not do much for you.  You should consider q-switched laser treatments (we offer this method) or IPL (less desirable as it my not remove them completely). 

Make sure before you choose one of these methods that what you are seeing is not Melasma as if you do have Melasma (and are mistaking it for sun damage) then lasers would not be the best option and hydroquinone bleaching products would be preferable.

You can view some photos of before and after pictures for sun spots with laser treatments by clicking on the link below.

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