How will having an extended tummy tuck first affect the results of a future Brazilian butt lift? (photos)

Dear doctor, I had an extended tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation on April 12, 2016. I'd like to get a Brazilian butt lift in 6 months to complete my body makeover. Would it be safe to get a bbl in 6 months? Will the extended scar affect the fullness and roundness of my Brazilian butt lift? Does it appear that I have plenty of fat to give me an extra large butt such as in the pictures provided? Are these wish pics possible for me? Thank you. All information is greatly appreciated.

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You appear to be a good candidate for a BBL.  You will need to be evaluated at least 3 months after your tummy tuck, and you may be able to get the procedure as early as 6 months after tummy tuck.

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BBL after an Extended Tummy Tuck

Hi, thanks for your pictures and for your inquiry. I would suggest that you wait up to 12 months in order to have healed completely and that your scars get softened as much as possible. You can still get a nice result after your last procedure. Cheer up. Please make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. Don't forget to discuss all your concerns, options and expectations thoroughly. Have a safe and pleasant PS Journey!
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BBL after an extended tummy tuck

Hi Djs,

Thanks for your question and photos. You seem like and ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. However, based on your scars, it seems that reasonable option would be to finish your scars in the middle and do a lower body lift with possible auto augmentation just based on the scars that you currently have.

I personally would have done the liposuction first, with the tummy tuck at the same time while making the scar for an extended much less. But again that is irrelevant as your scars are what they are. I think you would also benefit from some anterior liposuction should there be some fat there after your swelling has gone away which may take 3 months or longer. Be patient. I am not sure that you can reach the results you seek based on just photos, thus an in person exam would be necessary. I recommend being seen by a board certified plastic surgeon that does body contouring and can show you results from extended tummy tuck with BBL's after. Good Luck.

All the best,
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How will having an extended tummy tuck first affect the results of a future Brazilian butt lift?

Thank you for the question and photos. This question would've been more appropriate prior to your surgery. The logical approach is to do the Brazilian Butt Lift with the extensive liposuction first. The reason for my approach is to collect all the possible fat that you have to inject into the buttocks to shape and enhance them. The lower abdominal flap that your surgeon threw away had fat that could've been harvested. That might have helped you reach or get close to your "wish" photos. The other benefit of doing the liposuction and fat grafting first, is that your "extended" incision would've been much shorter. By the way, your surgeon placed your extended incision right in the middle of the anatomical buttocks. This will detract from your final result. In any case, that bridge was crossed, and have to work with what you present with. If your surgeon is experienced in advanced body sculpting (?) than you might achieve a result like the girl in the hot pants and blue shirt. Good luck.

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Does the Tummy Lift Drop The Booty Bump? ...No it does not!

Hi and great questions.

Let's start with you first question and go inorder:  
  • When is the proper time to wait after your prior surgery?  This is a little bit of an unknown because you want to wait until ALL of the swelling has gone down from your, based on your photos, nearly fully circumferential lift.  I can't stress how important this part is because in my opinion, the most powerful part of the a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is the sculpting of the torso...and ANY swelling is going to slightly negatively affect that sculpture process
  • Will the extended scar affect your roundness?  It could.. and at this stage it is also an unknown.  It really depends on how your scars soften.  Scars take a minimum of 6 months to soften.  I believe that if your scars are still firm at 6 is worth the result to wait until they soften...and that can take up to 12 months. 
  • Do you have enough fat for a BBL?  Based on the photo, it does appear you have enough fat for a BBL.  The most important question is always do you have enough fat for the size you want to be.  If the wish list photos, are examples of how "big" and "projected" you want to be...I think the size and projection is possible to be obtained.  However, I think you will require more than one fat grafting surgery and/or a combination implant and fat transfer may better accomplish your goals.    The best way to determine this is alway with an inpatient consultation.
I hope that helps.  Best of Luck!

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BBL after extended tummy tuck and breast enhancement

Yes, a BBL in the future is a viable option if you wish to further improve your post weight loss body.  Take note that it is rare for someone to be refused from having this surgery because superficial fat (beneath the skin) is fairly abundant in many people. 

In fact, thin patients who think they have little fat could have BBL if their doctor will liposuction/collect fats from larger areas of the body.

After six months and you still wish to have your derriere enhanced, make sure that you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs BBL and other butt enhancement techniques on a regular basis, which his extensive photo gallery of previous patients can prove.

For additional details, you may want to read my blog entry about this procedure.

Good luck and regards.

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BBL after extended abdominoplasty

Hi Djs09:
Great question, and based on your photos you can expect:
1) The scars will migrate upwards closer to your waist line as the liposuction around your buttocks will lead to predictable results raising your buttocks.  
2) As your plastic surgeon defines your frame more, and also augments the most projecting parts of your buttocks to either give you more projection (the last photo you posted) or the sides of your buttocks (which I cannot see on the photos) to give you a more rounded frame (the third foto you posted), the scar again will be pushed more superiorly.
3) Fat grafting has been shown to help reduce and soften the scar tissue, and therefore you will hopefully see a less pronounced scar.

The key to a perfect BBL is the liposuction!  Simply with just a well done lipo, your buttocks will be augmented, sculpt and defined.  You seem to have a great frame for outstanding results.  

The fat grafting of your buttocks can be used to further augment the projection or to give you a rounder frame if that is what you desire.  The fat grafting part of the procedure if done correctly will further enhance your buttocks.

I would wait minimum of 3-6 months to perform the BBL since you want to make sure the changes from the healing process after your abdominoplasty are stable.  

Hope this helps, and good luck with your BBL.

Daniel Calva, MD
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