Am I an easy case for a Hollywood smile? (photos)

Can you do a combination of prep veneers and no prep veneers?

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Do Invisalign not Veneers

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While I am a Cosmetic Dentist and I have performed thousands of conservative, no-preparation veneers, you are not a case for that treatment. You have beautiful, natural teeth which are simply constricted, and they just need to be expanded into the proper position. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign would be much less expensive than veneers and leave your teeth in a completely natural state for the rest of your life.  Your case would only take about 9 months to treat and would cost a fraction of what veneers would. While I do love performing smile makeovers using conservative, no prep, thin veneers; I try to keep things simple and in the best interest of all of my patients. In your case I highly recommend simple orthodontic treatment with clear Invisalign aligners. Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas,  Texas area

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Hello there,
Thank you for posting your photos. I would give you two options to correct your smile, but I can tell you that I've used porcelain veneers alone to fix the smiles of patients similar to yours.
The first option would be Invisalign. This option would require no tooth preparation of your already beautiful teeth but could take a year or more to complete.
The second option would be skipping orthodontics all together and would include porcelain veneers across the top. Your issues would be corrected and the look your are trying to achieve would likely occur in a single appointment with a cosmetic dentist. 
I would recommend doing a little research on line and finding a dentist with great before and after photos.I always tell people to judge the dentist on the quality of the before and after photos of their actual patients that they supply.  This will give you a pretty good indication of what you can expect from the dentist that you select. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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Veneers can enhance your smile

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Thanks for sending your question. Although you teeth can benefit cosmetically from porcelain veneers, I think you should also consider correction of the teeth with clear aligners. Once the teeth are position in their proper place, your smile will be enhanced significantly. Please keep in mind that using clear aligners like the invisalign would be the most conservative option as well. We often enhance our patients smiles in our office with clear aligners; I am sure your final results will be excellent.All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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Hollywood Smile?

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You would be an ideal case for minimal prep veneers and those veneers would improve the angulation of your teeth and therefore improve your smile; however, is it the very best way to treat your case? I don't think so. Why cut your gorgeous teeth or put veneers over them? One day all those veneers will also have to be replaced. The only thing wrong with your teeth is they are torqued in the wrong direction. Why not maintain your beautiful teeth and simply move them to their ideal position? You will more than likely want to develop your arches to gain the beautiful broad smile that you are wanting but this is easily done with a comfortable, removable appliance. You will also spend far less money if you move the teeth rather than covering them with veneers.Good luck!

Hollywood Smile

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Thank you for posting your question.  Veneers can be a good option for a quick fix.  However, I would strongly suggest getting the teeth aligned in a better position.  From the pictures you posted they tilt inwards and you have a deep bite. This can be corrected with Invisalign.  You can re-evaluate and see if there is a need for veneers after they are in a better position  Find a dentist that you can discuss what exactly you don't like about your smile and can give you options to give you the desired result.  Hope this helps!  Good Luck! 

Veneer or not to veneer

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Seeing how your teeth and angled inward, I'd recommend orthodontics first. Invisalign is great option cosmetically. Veneers can be done, but if you get your teeth in better alignment, the outcome would be much more aesthetic.

Colleen Lam, DMD
Palm Beach Dentist

Hollywood Smile

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You are the ideal candidate for a mix of prep and minimal/no-prep veneers. Because your teeth tilt inward building them out to create a broader smile is very easy. Good luck. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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