Need a Dr. in San Diego that takes United Healthcare for complication after breast implant removal. Any suggestion?

One of my implants broke during removal and I had calcification around implant. About 6 weeks after explant, I fell and bruised my breast. Now I have a large cyst in my breast with free silicone and calcium. I've had mammogram and cyst needs to come out. My explanting surgeon is not in my healthcare network and I need to find a Dr. in San Diego that can take this cyst out. All the "debris" is inside the cyst and my explanting Dr. said should by simple surgery, but his fee isn't covered.

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Choosing a surgeon, getting the best results

The first thing you should do is check the ASPS website for a list of doctors in your area.  Then look at online reviews.  Check the surgeon's website.  Look at their results.  Ask around to see if you have any personal references, these can be very helpful.  Once you have screened the doctor, meet with them. If they are professional and sincere, educated and experienced, if they listen to your concerns and develop a plan which fits with your goals, you have found a good match.

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You should start by getting a list of board-certified plastic surgeons who participate in your insurance plan.  Then check the ASPS website (surgery dot org) to see if there are some in both lists.  Contact their offices, explain the situation, get your records together, and go visit a few of them in person to see who you're comfortable with from every standpoint.  If you cannot find a surgeon you're comfortable with, you can go back to your insurance company and see if they can make an arrangement with a surgeon who is outside their plan under these unusual circumstances (though that's a last resort and not likely, in my experience).  I hope that this helps and good luck, Dr. Alan Engler, Member of #RealSelf500

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