Can the D.A.O nerve muscle get damaged during facelift and neck liposuction therefore causing a downward smile? (Photo)

I had neck liposuction and revised minilift with no results. In addition the Plastic Surgeon added fat to my acne scars which makes me look rounder older and additionally I look like I'm making a downward smile. I don't know if it's the fat that was added that causes my face to head south or muscle/nerve damage? I actually look older especially my smile. What can be done to correct this? Lipo to jowls? Or do I need muscle tightening of D.A.O?

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A better photo is need to to understand how to address your concerns.  The DAO or depressor anguli oris is likely not at play.  If injured, it would cause elevation of the corner's of the mouth and not depression.  Once your are fully healed with full sensation, you would likely benefit from a comprehensive facelift.  

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