Cyst oozing infections two open wounds/ holes along vertical line 11 months post BR. now it's 2.2 YRS still not healing (Photo)

still oozing/ infected 2.2 yrs post BR Original PS said he can't help me, that I was prone to cysts. He would have to preform a mastectomy. I seeked a 2nd opinion new PS thinks skin wasn't cleaned well during my BR&some sub derma got folded inside that's why I'm getting infections and oozing He want to re-open my left breast clean the skin as much as possible which,ll results w some deformity. Not sure what to do.Would the new procedure help. What else it could be or what other options I have?

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Chronic Wounds

Hello, There is a long list of reasons wounds won't heal.  In your case, the most likely culprit is necrotic tissue and/or persistent foreign body (permanent sutures).  Regardless, you will need a surgery to remove the chronic wound tissue completely.  Unfortunately, this may cause a visible contour defect. Best of luck!

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