Will there be complications swapping a teardrop shaped implant for round? Will I achieve more cleavage or fullness. (photos)

I had 290cc teardrop shaped implants over the muscle, I'm 3 weeks post op love the result& reconstruction of my tuberous nipple and arreola! However with a shirt/bathing suit there is an awkward gap and space in the middle. I will be getting a revision surgery because I knew I always wanted bigger. Would it be possible to go UNDER the muscle for the revision or would it cause complications? Bcuz I had a tuberous breast and it was reconstructed. How many CCs needed to get closer breasts?

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You have an excellent outcome after surgery; it looks like everything went very well!  That being said, I see a clear difference between your post operative pictures and your posted "desired" look.  It does seem that the shape shown in the "desired" picture correlates more with a round implant.  Round implants provide more upper pole fullness than tear drop shaped implants.  Although more upper pole fullness is often desired, it is considered the less natural appearing implant. I assume the tear drop shaped implants were chosen for you to create a more natural appearing breast. It would probably be best to speak with your plastic surgeon clearly about your desires. A round implant that is larger with a wider base diameter will likely address the concerns noted here. Good luck!

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