Is it common to have red incisions and gel implant flattened 9 months post op? Do my breasts look within normal range? (photo)

I had BA under muscle, 410cc mentor gel implants with lift 9 months ago. The idea of an areolar incision never thrilled me, but I trusted that given my "droopy" profile that would give me the best results. I have been happy with size & shape except a week ago I woke up with a flatten right breast. The implant lost projection and it's palpable. It feels a bit deflated on the upper & right sides. Also, my incisions, especially left one, are still irritated looking & don't seem to change.

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A gel implant cannot get deflated unless it is ruptured.  Even then, it typically doesn't look deflated like a saline implant will.  Your pocket can certainly change with time due to positional pressure, like sleeping on it, or due to capsular contracture.   Scars that are rasied and red are normal during the healing process and those should improve.

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