Do you have to have children get a "Mommy Makeover?"

Hi RS! I'm new here and I am thinking of getting breast implants and POSSIBLY a tummy tuck (down the road, in maybe a few years or so) This may seem like a stupid question but in order to get a "Mommy Makeover" do you have to have children? I don't have any kids, but I have experienced dramatic weight loss throughout the years. I was 200+ lbs in my teens, I now weigh 125. The skin on my stomach is stretched/loose and my breasts are somewhat deflated... Thanks

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No, you do not need to have had children. The term "mommy makeover" really just refers to a combination of procedures such as a tummy tuck with a breast lift. The advantage of combining the procedures is a single recovery period and typically, a slightly lower cost. Hope this helps and congratulations on your weight loss. 
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A mommy makeover is really just a marketing term for one or more procedures designed to address the aesthetic concerns caused by having children. There is nothing stopping you from getting a mommy makeover, even if you haven’t had children. The procedures involved are available to any patient.

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Mommy Makeover


This is not a stupid question at all! Mommy makeover is a common term for combining breast and Tummy surgeries, however people who have lost a significant amount of weight are often good candidates for this combination of procedures too.

I recommend that you seek out a board certified Plastic Surgeon when you are ready and meet in person for a consultation.

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Do you have to have children get a "Mommy Makeover?"

This is a great question because you do not need to have had children to have a “Mommy Makeover” type surgery. This term describes changes women experience after weight gain and weight loss regardless of what caused those changes. There are several breast procedures to help with “deflated” breasts. Tummy tuck procedures will help remove loose skin, remove stubborn fatty tissue and help tighten abdominal muscles if needed. Congratulations on your weight loss and I recommend you consult with some board certified plastic surgeons who can give you more information about the best procedures for you.

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Mommy makeover after weight loss

Yes - you can certainly have a mommy makeover after weight loss, without having had children.  It's just more common in the post-pregnancy group, hence the name "mommy" makeover.

However, if you are thinking of having children in the future, you and your surgeon should discuss the plan for muscle tightening, and if that should be performed at all.

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Do you have to have children get a "Mommy Makeover?"

No, you do not.  The operation should be tailored to your specifications and anatomy to produce a dramatic result. Seek out a plastic surgeon who has performed these combination procedures hundreds of times and has a great number of reviews and before and after pictures.

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Do you have to be a mommy mommy makeover?

 Mommy makeover is breast surgery and typically A tummy tuck after pregnancy. You have had significant weight loss which essentially does the same to the skin and breast. So to answer your question no you do not have to be a mommy only to have a mommy makeover.  Please see plastic surgeons in your area for the best treatment plans. 

Mommy Makeover

Thanks for the question and congratulations on your weight loss!  It sounds like you would be a good candidate for a tummy tuck and breast procedure. It is called a Mommy Makeover as many patients undergoing this procedure had pregnancies that changed their bodies. Weight loss is certainly another reason patients have these procedures. After a massive weight loss, patients often require surgery to help with saggy, deflated breasts as well as loose skin on the abdomen. It is also common for patients with massive weight loss to benefit from other procedures such as armlifts, thighlifts, and even facelifts. I suggest you meet with a reputable board certified Plastic Surgeon. Good luck!

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Mommy makeover

Thanks for your question.  You don't have to be a mom to benefit from a mommy makeover, as we all experience the effects of aging and decreased metabolism.  The term was created for moms who were trying to restore their body to their pre-pregnancy state, which often included combining a tummy tuck with breast lift/augmentation.  Hope this helps…best of luck!

Do you have to have children get a "Mommy Makeover?"

You don't have to be a mother to undergo a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Significant weight fluctuations can result is changes to your body similar to changes that occur with pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your question. Best wishes.

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