Bruising w/some hardness. Is this normal? (Photo)

I just had a breast augmentation 1 week ago, under the muscles & through the armpit. Both of my breasts are even at this point. However, I seem to have some really dark bruising on my right breast. When I feel around the bruise along the right side, it feels a little bit hard or "heavy". There is no pain associated with the bruise, but some localized swelling post op. I am worried about whether this may be a hematoma? it's a 3 day weekend and I won't be able to contact my surgeon til Tues.

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Bruising w/some hardness. Is this normal

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Thank you for your question. Post operative bleeding after breast augmentation rarely occurs.  An examination is needed to fully answer your question. Make sure to see your plastic surgeon for an examination and to discuss your concerns.  Best wishes.

Bruising after surgery

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While we are not able to completely rule out a hematoma without an examination the bruising looks not abnormal at this point and is less likely something to be concerned about. A hematoma that is expanding would be the only reason to require emergency surgery and you would have intense pain with persistent pressure and swelling of the affected breast. Hope this helpsJosh Olson MD

Bruising after BBA

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Thank you for your question photo. Without seeing both breasts, it is difficult to comment on whether there is swelling on the right side compared to left. Certainly, bruising can  be a sign of hematoma, although given the fact that breasts are even and do not seem excessively swollen, it is unlikely that you are having an active bleeding problem. That being said, your surgeon should always be available, or have somebody on call who can answer your question. Certainly, the surgeon who performed the operation is the best source of information regarding your particular situation. I would make a call to your surgeons office to discuss your concerns. Best regards.

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