Breathing right after Rhino- normal? Packing too low?

I just got a rhinoplasty today. I was unable to breathe or taste anything for the first part of the day, but when I tried cleaning my nose, I saw that the splints in my nose come all the way down (almost out of the nostril) so I can't clean inside. I am now also suddenly able to breathe through one nostril and taste. Are the splints coming out already on their own? I'm worried.

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Recovering from rhinoplasty: the first days after surgery

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Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process with many steps along the way.In the first days after the surgery you'll be very swollen including your nose, upper lip and even around the eyes.  The nose will be swollen on the inside and outside. It's normal to feel like your breathing is blocked. It can be in both nostrils, one side, or fluctuate between the sides. A congested nose will affect your taste too.There may be packing or splints inside your nose. It's up to your surgeon how to care for those, so I would get in touch with her/him. I have many instructions for my patients, so I print it out in a booklet, review the material in a preop visit, and I see every patient the day after surgery (when they have the most questions). Safety comes first. 

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Packing after rhinoplasty

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Hi natalievvdr,Best solution is to ask your doctor about this. There are different type of nasal packs. Some of them have a hole to allow air passage, sometimes if the tampon is small it is possible to breath around it. You are talking about splints. Splints are usually silicon made and should have some kind of fixation into the nose. But don't worry. Even the splints go out completely it usually do not give a serious harm to the result of the operation. Sincerely

Ege Ozgentas, MD
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