Will my breast implants drop and fluff to give me the cleavage I want? (Photos)

I had subpectoral Breast implant surgery 8 days ago. My PS used natrelle inspira TSX 445 and I'm worried they are to small. Will my breasts look larger as the implants drop, or should I have gone for a larger size?

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Breast Implant Clevage

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Congratulations on your breast augmentation surgery. I  advise patients that they're breasts are still healing and evolving up until about 4-6 weeks following surgery.  Since you are only 8 days post-op, I would try to be patient as they still have a while until they are fully healed.  Good luck! 

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Congrats on your new implants. I too like the TX Inspira implants. You are def still early in the post op phase and your implants will drop a bit more and more swelling will go down. I don't usually think about revision surgery for at least 6-9 months for size change as I believe changes are still taking place. Good luck to you,

Margo Herron, MD
Medford Plastic Surgeon

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