Breast bruise/discoloration 2.5 years post lift/augmentation? (photo)

It has been over 2 years since my breast lift and augmentation, and this brown discoloration on my left breast along the incision has not healed nor lightened! i did a couple laser treatments last year and they did not improve the color. My plastic surgeon claims its surgical trauma and that he has seen it happen on some of his "lighter skinned" patients and that it may not go away! I AM DEVASTATED! its been over two years and i dont know if there is a solution. Can it be drained? removed? anything?

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Without examining you it is hard to say what is going on. It is doubtful that this is bruising and it more likely increased pigmentation as a reaction to the surgery or residual areola color. Lightening agents in the context of a skin care program may help and further surgery to cut out the area also may help if it would not compromise the lift you have already obtained. Obviously I would need to see and examine you before making a concrete recommendation.

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Possible solution

It appears that you have a vertical scar beneath your areola and the pigmentation is related. Sometimes this can be from pigmented areolar skin remaining after the lift and areolar reduction. Another possibility is delayed healing in that area that led to reactive hyperpigmentation.

At over two years postop there probably will not be much spontaneous improvement. Laser targeted at pigment cells below the surface could be helpful if it is reactive hyperpigmentation. If related to residual areolar tissue or unresponsive to laser and topical treatments, then scar revision (serial excision, a few stages) can be considered to gradually remove the pigment along the vertical scar line.

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Residual Pigment after Breast Augmentation/Lifting Surgery?

The pigment that you notice on your breasts is most is most likely residual pigmented areola skin. Sometimes, this pigment is seen in this location after breast lifting; this occurs as the areola is decreased in size as part of the breast lift procedure. Often, if there is enough laxity present, excision of the pigmented area is possible. Sometimes, a staged approach ( more than one procedure) is necessary.

I suggest that you follow-up with your plastic surgeon or see another board-certified plastic surgeon for good advice.

Best wishes.

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If there is enough laxity a breast lift revision might be able to remove it

Dear Bianca,

If your breast skin has enough laxity you may be able to under a revision breast lift and have the affected skin removed. If there is not enough laxity you can try some bleaching creams as over a longer period of time these may be of help.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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