Are there any safe materials I can use instead of fat to do a Brazillian Butt Lift?

I did a liposuction before 3 years, now I want to do a Brazilian butt ,but I don't have fat to transfer it to my butt , I want to know if there is any safe material (without a side effects it maybe harm my body) I can use it instead fat to do the Brazilian butt.

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Fillers for Brazillian Butt lift, is it possible?

HI Kim,Thanks for your question. It is possible but there would a lot of cost involved with PMMA injections or silicone injections as they can become infected or the body can reject them thus causing you have to have a bad outcome. The only safe option is fat and even that carries risk of infection or a possible bad outcome although rare. Some companies are working on materials that may be used for this options but it is currently not available but may be available in the future! So be patient and keep checking back!

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Buttocks implants are safe

I have been placing buttocks implant for over 11 years have never had to remove them due to a complication. They are made out of solid silicone and thus have resisted any breakage or rupture. A consultation can provide you details of your surgery and size of implant that your buttocks can accommodate.

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Are there any safe materials I can use instead of fat to do a Brazillian Butt Lift?

Whatever you do please do not do silicone injections as they are not safe nor recommended. The only other option would be butt implants however, that comes with it's own risks as well. I Recommend consulting with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Fillers for butt injection

Hello and thank you for the question. At this point, there are NO safe fillers for this purpose. Every year, several patients die or gets a bad infection / complication from having illegal liquid silicone injections into their butt. 
Only fat injections are considered safe, and like all surgery, fat injections have risks as well. Be safe. 

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