Is it weird that I have upper eyelid swelling 48 hours after Botox?

Got botox in my 11 region & a touch up above my brows. About 14 units at 200 dollars. This was 2 & half months after similar treatment where I even less. Doc thought I could go for a touch up before it was gone by month 3. It's been 48 hours, & now my inner upper eyelids are swollen. This did not happen the first time I got botox. Terrified this is just the beginning of a long bad complication, or is just weird swelling that might resolve once the stuff all takes effect and settles.

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Swelling of the eyes

I have seen and heard of swelling in the eyes following Botox injection to the glabellar (brow, 11's area) now and then.  The package insert for Botox does warn of possible swelling at sites of injectiion, and it makes a lot of sense that swelling around the brow injections could descend with gravity around the eye.  

I would not worry at all because it always seems to resolve within 2-3 weeks of the treatment.

Sandy Dermatologic Surgeon
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Is it weird that I have upper eyelid swelling 48 hours after Botox?

It’s not common to have swelling on the upper and lower eyelids after treating the glabella with Botox, I suggest you consult with your provider and schedule a follow-up so he/she can evaluate the area 

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Upper eyelid swelling after Botox

I would say this is uncommon, but I would not tell you that you should be terrified. Sometimes people will swell even though they've had injections before and they didn't. I don't recommend any touch-ups or adjustments to Botox for a minimum of 10 days, so relax and see how everything settles. If something doesn't look like what you were expecting, you can revisit your injector.

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