Exactly how much botox in conjunction with Restylane or perlane?

Can someone tell me what the benefits exactly are having a little bit of Botox in the lips along with maybe Restylane or perlane everytime I get Juvederm plus it leaves my lips within five to six weeks one full syringe. Also for the botox approximately how many units what I asked for I'm thinking 10 or less I really just want to use it as something extra because what I've been doing has not been working

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Botox is not used to fill the lips

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Botox is not used to fill the lips, as botox works to relax muscles by temporarily blocking nerve impulses from reaching those muscles. Tiny doses are injected under the skin to eliminate wrinkles and expression lines. Areas treated with Botox include the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet (lines on the sides of the eyes), chin, and sometimes the neck bands. If you are unhappy with the amount of filler injected into your lips, I would suggest trying a thicker form of the product such as Juvederm Ultra Plus XC.

Columbus Physician
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Botox in combination with lip filler

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A small amount of Botox injection into the orbicularis oris muscle around the mouth can help soften vertical lip lines and evert the lip. It can also increase longevity of lip filler. It is important to use a low dose of Botox, usually anywhere from 4-8 units total.

Botox plus filler

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Filler goes away with movement.  If you paralyze your lips or partially paralyze your lips then you might have a longer lasting result from the filler.  This is not always the case so be clear with your doctor about what they are suggesting or what you are suggesting.  

Robert Kearney, MD, FACS
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Lip Augmentation

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Lip augmentation is an art and I would suggest you consider Juvederm for the lips instead of the other products you have used.  I would avoid Botox in this area for augmentation.  Best, Dr. Green

Lip Augmentation with Fillers or Lip Implant or Fat -- Go Slow, Use Cannulas

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I suggest trying Restylane or Voluma if you are not getting optimal results from Juvederm Ultra Plus. Lip implants and fat are also treatment options. Botox can be used to improve lip symmetry but is not commonly used to augment the lip. I suggest you see an expert for treatment and someone who truly understands contouring. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Benefits of having a little bit of Botox in the lips along with maybe Restylane or parlane?

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Hi, I have used Botox to soften unwanted lines and wrinkles and performed many lip augmentations for over 30 years using dermal fillers and/or lip implants. While Botox can reduce the vertical lines around the lips and mouth, it offers no value in Lip Augmentation as it doesn't provide volume.  If the dermal fillers do not provide the desired volume or duration of effect, you may want to consider lip implants.
Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox with fillers in the lips

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Thank you for your question manny69. There are multiple treatments to enhance the lips and the surrounding areas. Fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane can provide volume to the lips and also fill in smoker's lines, the vertical lines above and below the lips which are seen in many people (both smokers and non-smokers). Botox around the lips will relax the muscle, softening the wrinkles and providing a mild pout. A small amount of Botox should be used in the lower face so that it does not interfere with using your mouth for speaking, eating, and breathing. For my patients I usually use 4-6 units around the lips. Other treatments around the lips include skin tightening treatments such as Ultherapy and fractional laser treatments such as CO2, erbium:YAG, and erbium:YSGG (Cutera Pearl).
A new filler in the Juvederm family will be available in the United States in October 2016. It is called Juvederm Volbella and it is approved for use in the lips. It uses a proprietary Vycross technology, as in Voluma. This allows it to last longer. This may be worth looking into in a few months. I recommend speaking with a doctor for specific advise for you. Good luck!

Botox for lips

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using Botox in conjunction with HA filler (Restylane, Juvederm) is smart as it can potentially slow metabolism in the area, slowing the dissolving process. HA fillers in general will last longer in areas that move less. Unfortunately, because we constantly talk/kiss/chew/sip, the movement in our lips will dissolve the filler faster. Botox paralyzes the orbicularis muscle temporarily so that some of the non-essential small movements you make with your mouth are not dissolving away your filler. Yes, you are correct that it should not take very much Botox at all. I usually use 1-2u/quadrant of your lip every 3-4 months. 

Lily Lee, MD
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon
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