Does BBL Fat Transfer Last?

I had a fat transfer to my face, and results were great... for about 6 months! Then it all disappeared. I have heard the same from many others. Is there something different about the BBL that makes it last? Thanks!

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Does the Brazilian Buttlift Last?

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   I am not sure why the fat grafting to your face did not last.  About 70 to 90% of this should last long term.  For the Brazilian buttlift, about 50 to 70% of the fat survives long term.   I have seen patients after a year or two and the pictures reveal that the gain is permanent.  Perhaps this is due to injection technique, harvest technique, amount transferred.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon wo performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Does Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

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On average, 50-70% of the fat transferred during a Brazilian Butt Lift will survive and will last forever.  Of course, everyone is an individual so no one can promise you an exact amount unfortunately.  If you are concerned about this, implants are definitely an alternative.  


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There is some absorption of the fat after the BBL but usually 60% to 80% of this fat remains and functions as living fat. This is very technique and surgeon dependant

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Fat graft absorption rates

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Hello. Yes there is usually some absorption of the fat that is transferred but there is always a good amount of fat( 60 to 80 percent) that remains and is viable. 

Sanjay Lalla, MD, FACS
West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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