BBL - 7 Days Post Op and Still Nauseous. Could my Garment Be Too Tight?

I'm concerned about the nausea. I did notice that my garment felt too tight around the stomach and have had to undo the hooks below the bellybutton to get some relief. Taking off my garment completely seems to relieve the nausea all together, but then after awhile I feel throbbing from not having any compression and I end up putting it back on.Could the nausea be from the garment being too tight?? Also I've had my garment off for a few hours now. Is that OK, or have I damaged the end result?

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Still nauseous

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Hi Lynn, Its normal to feel nausea after the surgery, its normally produced by the anesthesia. For some patients its a little difficult to return to their normal diet. They need to start with fruit, oatmeal and light snacks. however if the nausea persists you do need to see your doctor, there's probably something he can give you to control it.
The tightness in the garment is important, we need it to help your skin attach back to your muscle, since there's no fat in between its required for you to not be left with saggy or loose skin. some patients feel light headed when they take it of the first days, its normal.
Just go meet with your doctor He knows your case best, and will be able to help you.

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