Approximate time of wearing nightly retainers after invisalign treatment is finished. My doctor does not know.

i dont always get eight hrs sleep, many times less... my teeth are perfect and i don't want to wear less than i am supposed to. as i said above, my doctor did not know. that's a shame! there are no photos below as they are not pertinent to my question. just give me an average time and confirm it is nightly... what if one misses a night? i am 64 yrs , and female

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Retainer wear time

Obviously retainers are needed to keep any relapse in tooth movement from where the final alignment has brought you.

Normally the best answer is to wear them nightly forever. If you skip a night or so and the retainers are not fitting tighter than it means the teeth are more stable and in less need to "stabilizing" and needing retainers to keep them from moving.

We tell our patients that the retainers are their guarantee to keep the teeth in the ideal alignment. Most plan for lifetime compliance.

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