Am I a candidate for fat transfer? (photos)

I am 27. I feel that over the last 5 years I have lost a lot of facial volume especially on the bottom half of my face, because of that I have seen to have lost volume on my lips aswell. Can anybody tell me what to do to fix this? I have attached two photos. One is a close-up and a more distant one to hopefully show what I am talking about. Thank you, in advance.

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Thank you for posting your question. On average, half of the transferred fat will eventually be reabsorbed, so an adequate amount of fat is needed to achieve the best result. From your picture, it does not look like you have that much excess fat, but an in-person consultation with an experienced physician can better determine your candidacy. Best of luck.

Fat transfer candidate

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Hi and thanks for your question. From a brief review of your photographs it does appear that you may be a candidate for fat transfer. The most important decision you could make is to seek out a experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. That's my best advice  after 30+ years performing aesthetic plastic surgery. Best of luck. 

Understanding facial aesthetics

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Each individual's facial look, aesthetics or the lack of is primarily based on skeletal structures.

While volume and the loss of volume overtime can change someone's appearance how we look it's almost completely dependent on skeletal facial balance or the lack of.

In your case your midface for maxilla is somewhat large in comparison to your jaw or mandible.

Sometimes soft tissues can be manipulated to compensate for this other times craniofacial surgery are the correct way to go.

Understanding facial aesthetics including balances and each of the tissue layers and ski before sitting out if even plan whether simple in office procedures like fillers and Botox or complex craniofacial surgery.

In other words the doctor needs to understand what the problem is and what the end goal is before starting the treatment plan.

This may seem obvious but often when results fail it is because there was a lack of understanding of what needed to be done in the first place.

Understanding facial aesthetics can be done using a various formulas and ratios or simply by artistic inherent skills and talents.

Consult with multiple board-certified plastic surgeon's to get a few different options what treatment plans may work.

If you're considering a facial for a transfer I highly recommend starting with temporary filler's first.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Candidate for facial fat grafting?

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You appear to be a very good candidate for volume restoration as long as you have adequate donor fat.  The hollowing of your cheeks, the weakening of your chin and the weakness of your jaw line can all be enhanced with fat or injectable fillers.  Good luck and best wishes,

Jon A Perlman M.D., FACS
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Jon A. Perlman, MD
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Fat transfer to face and lips

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You are a great candidate for facial fat volume transfer; you can have facial sculpting that will fill out your jawline, central cheek, and lips.

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