Rippling under the skin after Breast Augmentation?

I am about 6 weeks post op, 325CC Saline, under the muscle. I can feel several ripples near my cleavage, but they are not visible. When I bend over they are even worse. Although I can't see them, I can feel them even if I'm just sitting or standing. Feels like a few little ripples, soft to the touch, almost bubble-like. Is this scar tissue or is it ripples in the implant?

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Rippling with saline implants

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unfortunately, that is a common issue with saline implants. The only option I can think of (besides switching to silicone or Ideal implants) would be to have your surgeon go back in and overfill the implant with more saline. There is no guarantee that this will eliminate rippling, but it could mitigate the problem some. I would caution you that over filling the implant too much will cause a less natural look and feel of the implant, however. 

Why do I have ripples after my breast surgery?

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Unfortunately, ripples are very common especially with saline implants even though they are placed under the muscle. That is one of the main reasons I do not normally recommend saline implants anymore. You could have them switched to silicone, sometimes fat grafting may help also. 

Rippling under breast after BA

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Thanks for your question. Difficult to answer your question without examining you. Most likely what is causing the rippling is your implant. 

Implant Rippling

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Welcome to the world of saline implants. This is why 95% of women in the US and nearly everyone outside the US uses silicone gel implants. Not that silicone gel implants are ripple free, they are much better than saline though. If you have rippling now, it will only get worse as time goes on. Discuss with your surgeon the possibility of changing them to silicone gel. Best of luck. 

Sounds like ripples

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Each type of implant has its drawbacks and advantages.  It sounds like you are experiencing one of the drawbacks to saline implants.  In your case, I would try not to let it bother you; however, it can be remedied if it troubles you too much. 

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