Why is one of my implants rubbing again one year later?

Had implants one yr ago for lumpectomy rt breast. very active and paddle 4 days a week recently rt breast started rubbing again one yr later hard to take deep breaths causes me to cough . don't trust Dr bad history w him he said maybe I should get smaller implants ? but they are small enough to rub now ? 280 left 350 rt I am 61 yrs old - don't trust this surgeon could use any advice horrible reaction to anesthesia - beyond nausea - thank you

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Breast implants making a rubbing noise

I'll be curious if any other doctor will be able to pinpoint why you have this rubbing.  I have seen it several times over the years and I believe it to be the implant moving (and rubbing) over one of your ribs.  Why it happens a long time after surgery is tough to tell.  In all of my patients, without a clear explanation as to its reason, we have left them alone and all eventually go away.  

As far as your nausea goes, that in and of itself can be a big deterrent for some patients.  For those patients with such a strong history such as yourself, I prescribe Emend, which is a medication taken before surgery and lasts up to 3 days.  I've had a couple of women get a little queezy, none who have thrown up and many, many, many who didn't get nauseous at all.  This is in addition to adjustments an anesthesiologist might make in someone like you with a strong history of post operative nausea.

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