8mos PO, from my BA, and my both my breasts are still a little firm. The left more than the right. Will they get softer? (photo)

Before surgery: 110lbs, 32AA, had 1 child and breastfed for 2yrs. Surgery: Left: 450cc/ Right: 475cc - Silicon Gel, HP, Naturelles, transaxillary, submuscular. I received a slightly smaller implant on my left hoping to even out my sizing, but, the left is still larger than my right breast. The left also hurts more, and is a little bit firmer than the right. A month or so ago, my breasts were able to slightly 'bounce' when running, however, they aren't as 'squishy' as I'd like. Will this change?

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Hello, your breast are expected to soften and move more freely with time.  I would discuss massage with your PS as massage can help with softening the breast. Good Luck. 

What to expect

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Thank you for your question.It is common for the feel of the breasts to change up to the first year, so you may notice them get a little softer. Keep in mind you went from a AA cup and placed a 450/475 implant, where there wasn't much space to begin with.  The implants will always feel somewhat harder than a natural breast.

Francis Johns, MD
Greensburg Plastic Surgeon
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8 Months Post Op

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If you have noted changes and your breasts are becoming firmer I would recommend that you see your Plastic Surgeon in person so that they can assess you.
All the best

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Firm Asymmetric Breasts

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Hello,You have precious little breast tissue with oversized implants that are causing significant stretch of those very elastic tissues, which is in turn creating a firm feel to the implants. Additionally, there may be an issue with the internal capsule as well, but this cannot be determined without an examination. Regardless, time is on  your side and your tissue will eventually relax. Massage is not, nor was ever necessary or effective. If you feel there is a real discrepancy from right to left, please visit your surgeon.Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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8 months after breast augmentation

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At 8 months after breast augmentation, your breast are likely close to the final result. More subtle changes can occur out to a year. It is not possible to judge "squishiness" over the Internet, so I recommend you follow up with your plastic surgeon to answer your question. They know better what was done an how you are progressing.

Joseph Mele, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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They will probably get softer over the course of a year

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they will usually get more and more natural for even longer  than a year.  - so be patient. they may always feel a bit firmer and this varies from woman to woman.
david berman md

Breast softening

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As other doctors have already mentioned, the fact that you had such a small chest size pre-op and grew to this volume means you will definitely be feeling tightness in the breast for some time to come. I am sorry to hear your left breast is still sore and painful. Heavy activity may play a role in causing your muscles to feel sore if the implants are firm and stretching the pocket. You have healed well and your results look fantastic. There is still plenty of time for your breast to soften even more, I do not believe they will continue to stay this firm. Your plastic surgeon knows exactly what happened in the operating room and will have the best advice and treatment options regarding pain in the breast. 

Best wishes.

Traci Temmen, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Breast implant firmness

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Thanks for the question and the pictures, however it is really hard to assess what is going on without a full physical exam.  Breast implants do tend to soften up with time for the first 6 months or so after surgery.  It sounds like you are further out than that so you should get checked to make sure you're not developing capsular contracture. Also, you had a rather large implant placement from your AA cup and can take much longer for them to fully soften up.

Softer breasts with time?

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Online consultants will not be of much meaningful help to you; your plastic surgeon will be a much better resource to you when it comes to assessment, advice or predictions. Best wishes.

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